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CBD as a Promising Treatment of Cocaine Addiction 

Currently, cocaine dependence lacks an effective treatment. A recent study by a group of Spanish researchers showed that CBD is a promising tool in the management of cocaine abuse in mice model. The data suggest that CBD can prevent the development of cocaine addiction and help in avoiding relapse to drug-seeking during cocaine abstinence. CBD can also improve the symptoms of memory disturbances resulted from chronic consumption of cocaine. Overall, this study endorses CBD as a promising treatment of cocaine addiction, and future clinical studies are needed to evaluate the potential therapeutic effects of CBD against cocaine dependence.  




  1. Ledesma, J. C., Manzanedo, C. & Aguilar, M. A. Cannabidiol prevents several of the behavioral alterations related to cocaine addiction in mice. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry 111, 110390 (2021). 

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