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Greener pastures for antibiotics: CBD shown to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria

A recent study has shown CBD to kill antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative bacteria, a field of antibiotics which has seen no new drugs in over 60 years.

According to a study published in Communications Biology conducted by a team of Australian researchers, CBD not only acted against Gram-positive bacteria, but against a small subset of Gram-negative bacteria, including pathogens of concern such as Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which causes infections that are increasingly unresponsive to existing antibiotics, such as gonorrhea. Multiple mode-of-action studies pointed out that the primary mechanism was CBD’s excellent ability to penetrate and breaking down biofilms, which are usually difficult to destroy and keep out antibiotic treatments. With promising anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is undergoing Phase 2 clinical trials for the topical treatment of acne (NCT03573518) and atopic dermatitis (NCT03824405). Regulated under the Cannabis Act and its regulations, CBD infused topical products, such as oils, lotions, cream, and cosmetics, are getting increasing interest in Canada, and worldwide.


  1. Blaskovich MAT, Kavanagh AM, Elliott AG, et al (2021) The antimicrobial potential of cannabidiol. Communications Biology 4:1–18

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