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Three cannabis chemotypes differentiated at genome level

PBG BioPharma has launched a series of studies under Health Canada approved cannabis research license, proposing that a new classification system be established for cannabis based on genome-wide variation and supplemented by data on secondary metabolites and morphological characteristics.

Leveraging as much genetic variation as possible using whole-genome sequencing, research scientists in PBG BioPharma have identified structural SNPs as genomic fingerprints that can be used to differentiated three cannabis chemotypes, which are CBD dominant, intermediate, and THC dominant chemotypes.

Results have shown that the genetic differences between modern cannabis strains were at a whole-genome level and not limited to THC or CBD production. These fingerprint markers can facilitate our proprietary technology platform, GenBioChem® Triple Fingerprinting Technology™, which ensures quality, authenticity and purity throughout our entire production cycle from lab to shelf. Related work has been submitted to peer-reviewed journals and under final rounds of review.

Read more about cannabis botanical vs. vernacular naming convention and classification prepared by our scientists in PBG BioPharma :

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